Making College a Place for Me

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Anthropology

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Dr. Kendall House


The purpose of my capstone project for the Design Ethnography Certificate was to determine what could be done on behalf of a university to assist students of the “middle ground” while they simultaneously work, commute and attend school. I felt that institutions of higher education offer a strong support system for students of extreme socioeconomic vulnerability as well as traditional students, but students of the working-class, commuter students, and those who otherwise feel that college “is not for them” receive minimal support. Through a series of interviews and participation in a conference aimed at finding solutions for first-year commuters, I blueprinted a potential course for middle-ground students that would teach them to integrate the skills they already possess through their work and outside life in an academic setting. This project concluded with a presentation to the stakeholder, which led to an upcoming internship and a research collaboration with a Boise State faculty member pursuing the topic of working-class college students and breaking the cycle of classism in higher ed.

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