Barriers to Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

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Student Presentation

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College of Health Sciences


School of Nursing

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Dr. Cara Gallegos


Purposes/Aims: The purpose of this project was to identify barriers affecting the accurate reporting of workplace violence incidents.

Rationale/Background: Violence toward healthcare workers threatens employee health, safety, decreases productivity, and increases employee turnover. Registered Nurses (RN) are 3 times more likely and Certified Nurses Assistant’s (CNA) are 10 times more likely to encounter violence in the workplace than other occupations.

Outcomes: Only nine states currently have workplace violence laws. No common standards/regulations for incident reporting exist. There are costs related to restructuring reporting, actual reporting, and evaluating reports. Healthcare workers also may be reluctant to report an incident of violence toward them.

Conclusions: Addressing barriers to reporting workplace violence is imperative to the quality and safety of patient care. The evidence suggests that healthcare systems need to develop workplace violence plans that provide processes for reporting and analyzing incidents of workplace violence.

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