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Student Presentation

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College of Health Sciences


School of Nursing

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Dr. Karen R. Breitkreuz


Background: Many students work to afford an education. A literature review revealed factors of a job can have a significant effect on academic success. Research on demands and effects of work is limited.

Purpose: This pilot project explores the student’s perspective of working while attending undergraduate nursing school. This will be used to determine the significance of work on perceived stress and school outcomes.

Methods: After IRB approval, we developed questions for a secure and anonymous survey aimed to create an understanding of the student’s employment and their perception of their stress level. We advertised to a convenience sample of online participants, currently enrolled or graduated from nursing school via social media websites. We also advertised on our campus. Analysis examined trends within these responses.

Results: Preliminary results indicate a majority work while in nursing school and half within the medical field. The majority felt work had a negative influence on time to study and grades. More than half stated they would continue working while in school even if finances where no longer an issue. Overall stress self-ratings trended high.

Implications: This study will help faculty/advisors better understand the complexity of stress and develop advice that best supports students during school. This information will be used to refine the work/stress questionnaire for future research.

Conclusion: Finding trends will help identify an employment goal for students to fill financial need while providing knowledge of the possible effects, positive or negative, on their grades.