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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. Mandar Khanal, Dr. Sondra Miller, Dr. Debakanta Mishra, & Dr. Mojtaba Sadegh


The American Falls Intersection located off of I-86 and Pocatello Avenue is in need of an upgrade. Currently, the intersection consists of two-way free-flowing traffic with a connecting street that is controlled by a stop sign. The freight traffic comes from an industrial area near American Falls and heavily uses the connecting street. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) would like the intersection to befree-flowing for freight traffic. We have been tasked to design an upgraded intersection with considerations for current and future freight traffic, safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and overall sustainability. We will collect current and future traffic volume data for both passenger and heavy vehicles. Research on the future development in American Falls, both commercial and residential, will help prepare alternative conceptual designs. A design alternative will be chosen and the following aspects will be included in the final design; (a) geometric design, (b) pavement design, (c) traffic operations design, (d) stormwater design, (e) traffic flow impact on nearby roads, (f) project construction scheduling, and (g) work zone traffic control.