E-Scooter Impact on Traffic Congestion

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Student Presentation

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College of Business and Economics


Department of Economics

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Dr. Samia Islam


Boise is currently experiencing a sudden influx of growth and the introduction of E-scooters to the Boise metropolitan area may act as a partial solution to the increased levels of traffic and subsequent demand for parking. Our research will identify the percent change in traffic and help determine the correlation between the usage of E-scooters and any potential changes in traffic flow and parking demand. We will utilize scooter and traffic data from the City of Boise, Idaho Transportation Department, and Ada County Highway District to discern the origin location for users' rides, as well as their final destinations in order to analyze the volume of usage and identify areas that may be subject to the most impact. Additionally, we will conduct user surveys among regular Lime and Bird scooter users of various demographics to gather a sense of purpose from these users and determine whether their car use in general has declined. The expected outcome of this research is to support the hypothesis that the introduction of E-scooters in Boise has lessened the density of traffic and the need for parking in downtown Boise.

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