Performance and Scalability of the NUMO Project

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Mathematics

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Dr. Michal A. Kopera


Melting ice sheets are the largest contributors to sea level rise on the planet and modeling the fjords that connect these ice sheets and oceans around Greenland can allow us to better understand climate change. Current large-scale ocean models are underestimating the rate of sea level rise. The goal of the NUMO project is to be able to model the fine-scale processes occurring in fjords more accurately and be used as part of regional or global climate simulations.

By studying the performance and scalability of the NUMO project we can gain insight on the capabilities of the model. How well does this model perform when we apply it to larger and more complex bodies of water? The NUMO project is highly parallelized, how well does it scale given access to more cores? Answering these questions is critical for the NUMO project to able to be used on a larger significant scale.

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