Relation Between Soil Samples and Ph in the Water

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Student Presentation

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Erin Stutzman


Different soil types will possess a range of pH’s. Some may be alkaline soil while others are neutral soil or acidic in composition. The type of soil will determine what happens to the pH of the river water when it comes in flows over the various soils. Due to the local ecology, it is important for river sources such as the Boise River stay at a constant pH in order for the native flora and fauna to thrive. For the Boise River, this pH is approximately 7.4. This study examines the effects of soil type on pH in river ecosystems and looks at how that pH dictates aquatic plant growth. In order to test this hypothesis, Vernier sensors and GPS software will be used to measure pH, air temperature and surface water temperature. In addition, GPS coordinates will be taken at each sample site along the Boise River. In addition, a detailed plant survey will be taken and samples will be collected and analyzed to determine the current soil type of the Boise River flood plain.

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