Romantic Revivals in Realism

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Dr. Tara Penry


American romanticism was a powerful movement in American literary history that has led to great movements such as transcendentalism. However, with the tragedy of the Civil War, romanticism faded and ushered in a wave of realist authors. As these authors presented a “realistic” and empirical view of the world, many romantic literary elements and devices became less common in literature. However, in the late nineteenth century, naturalist authors emerged and offered a new form of realism. These naturalist authors discuss many themes and use literary devices that appear not typical to the realist genre. This project aims to bridge a connection between romanticism and naturalism as a romantic revival. I aim to do this through a thorough understanding of each genre. Moreover, I will be conducting one poetry explication for each genre and an analysis of two short stories in order to compare and contrast all three genres. Along with these explications of poetry within the genres of realism, romanticism, and naturalism I will also use research conducted by other scholars in regards to romantic revivals in American literature.

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