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College of Business and Economics


Department of Management

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Dr. Jennifer Thomsen


This project focused on the work of eight students who are part of the Global Scholars program for the 2018-2019 school year. As a team, we traveled to Australia for 10 days in January 2019 to partner with two different nonprofit social enterprises, and five students from Central Queensland University. The primary research question we reviewed was, ‘How can social entrepreneurship save the Great Barrier Reef?’. To answer this, we conducted ethnographic research and the collection of 75 surveys from various individuals and interviewees. Once back at Boise State, we conducted archive research, analyzed our data, and made recommendations to the partner organizations on how they can increase their business operations, resulting in greater impact and positive results on saving the Great Barrier Reef. Conclusions emphasize that no single social enterprise model is sufficient to tackle environmental issues, but that as part of a greater initiative, each model can play a significant role.