Impact of Scooters on Related Public Transit Alternatives

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Student Presentation

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College of Business and Economics


Department of Economics

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Dr. Samia Islam


Boise has recently introduced electric scooters as a new mode of public transportation. There is a variety of questions concerning this new mode of transportation. Our purpose, particularly, will be to address how scooters have made an impact on other sources of public transportation such as buses and green bikes. Electric scooters are relatively new to Boise, and it is important to analyze the impact use is likely to have on the city. We will compare similar studies conducted by cities have introduced these scooters already. We will also gather data from the companies who provide these scooters and the people in Boise who use them by conducting interviews and a user survey. Once we have gathered enough data, we will be able to analyze the impact of e-scooters on other forms of public transportation. We hypothesize that people primarily use e-scooters for short distances, and to help reach other forms of transportation such as public buses. We also expect that scooters are a substitute for similar transportation such as green bikes.

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