Lander Street Water Renewal Facility

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. Mandar Khanal


The goal of Lander Design Solutions is to successfully redesign or retrofit the headworks facility of the Lander Street Water Renewal Facility, located in Boise, Idaho. Since the majority of the existing facility was constructed in 1950, there are numerous components that are damaged past repair. Project considerations include designing in accordance with IDAPA for headworks, unforeseen site conditions, as well as being able to handle an Average Day Flow of 17 MGD, Peak Hour Flow of 25 MGD and incorporating perforated plate screen equipment of 6 mm opening, submersible pumps, grit removal/handling equipment, dumpster room to dispose of grit and screenings, influent flow monitoring, and discussion of sustainability. Initial obstacles in the design process include keeping the current plant running throughout construction, safely excavating gravels to depths up to 40 ft, and the environmental impact of the project on the surrounding area. Our primary design includes two alternatives which both consist of replacing the existing facility. Selection of headworks components — including screens, bar racks, pumps, utilities, and various construction materials will be the primary factor in final design.

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