Polypropylene-Fiber-Reinforced Silica Fume Concrete

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering

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Dr. Yang Lu


Multiple mix designs are going to be used to test the impact resistance of a polypropylene-fiber-reinforced silica fume concrete. This type of concrete would be used for structures that have issues with high impact, for instance bridges. The polypropylene fibers are used to increase the impact resistance and ductility of concrete. These fibers provide strength to the concrete while the matrix protects the fibers. The silica fume adds more density to the concrete to make it less permeable. The combination of these two materials can be expected to create a high impact and strength concrete. To test the impact resistances of each mix design the number of blows it takes to fail a specimen will be recorded. Taking a weight and dropping it from a controlled height until the specimen fails will do this. A compression impact test will also be preformed to determine the compressive strength of the concrete.

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