Middle Fork of the Boise River Water Quality Concerns and Watershed Health Education

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Student Presentation

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Erin Stutzman


This study uses a mixed methods approach to study the water quality of the Middle Fork of the Boise River and the knowledge held by high school students in an urban school district regarding the water quality issues affecting the Boise River watershed. This study focuses primarily on the effects which Kirby (Atlanta) Dam currently has on the watershed as well as repercussions which may arise with climate change and a predicted frequency increase in drought occurrences. The current and potential consequences of toxic, heavy metals eroding into the river from above the dam on recreating humans, the overall environment, and fish populations (particularly Bull Trout) are addressed along with possible actions to resolve the building sedimentation of contaminants at Kirby Dam. Additionally, an analysis of questionnaire responses from a sample survey was implemented to show a correlation between knowledge learned in K-12 classes regarding the environmental sciences and public awareness pertaining to programs set forth to improve overall Boise River water quality.

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