The Relationship Between Cultural Involvement and Education Performance for Native American Students

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of World Languages

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Dr. Alicia Garza


Student success can be affected by or attributed to various factors such as home environment, family situations, or learning barriers, among others. In this study, we will explore the relationship between the academic success of American Indian and Native American students and their involvement in cultural practices, traditions, and ceremonies. In terms of educational performance rates for American Indian students in Idaho, state reports from 2014 and 2015 indicate lower scores across mathematics, language arts, and science in comparison to other students. For this study, we will review literature pertaining to the influence of cultural involvement on educational performance. In addition, we will randomly select ten participants groups made up of a parent and an elementary aged student to participate in a survey on their involvement in Native American culture and academic performance. We hope to find a positive correlation in the relationship between cultural participation and students’ educational performance due to the importance of both to American Indians families.

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