Characterization of the Optically-Gated Transistor in Response to Light Pulse Shape and Wavelength

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Student Presentation

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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Dr. Kristy A. Campbell


When memristors are used in a cross-point memory array without access transistors, the resistive nature of these devices creates unwanted sneak path currents. We have addressed the issue of sneak path currents in a memristor array by developing an optically-gated transistor (OGT) that we use to isolate the memristor elements and prevent these unwanted currents. Memristor access is achieved through application of visible light to the OGT, which then allows current flow through the memristor element. We have previously shown that the intensity of light on the OGT determines the amount of current allowed through the memristor which subsequently sets the state of the memristor. In this work we describe the optical and electrical characterization of the OGT to light pulses with different wavelengths and pulse shapes. This data is used to help us understand the operational mechanisms of the OGT when used as a memristor selector device.

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