Assessment Strategies and Pay for Performance: What Forms of Assessment Are Correlated With “Quality Teaching”?

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Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies

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Dr. A. J. Zenkert


Through a project for one of our courses, we did a literature review of different methods for teacher compensation. Specifically focusing on “pay for performance” and “merit pay”, we are seeking to better understand what it means to be a “quality teacher” and how this can be connected to salary.

We first sent a survey to our participants asking about their experiences on what types of instruction, assessment, and evaluation methods they feel most authentically reflect their quality as teachers. We analyzed the data to find themes (which we presented about at last year’s fair), then created new questions based on our findings. We conducted group interviews and asked about their understanding and opinions on the current salary structure, the definition of quality teaching and how it should be measured and compensated. In the survey the participants had mentioned external factors, or things affecting a student’s performance that are outside of a teacher’s control, so we asked questions specifically to understand this topic further.

After implementing a constant comparative method to analyze the data in this phenomenological study, we found six themes present throughout our interview data.

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