iHSP Judges: Comestor's Cartography

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Karen Wadley


Our project is the continued transcription, translation and comparative analysis of the book of Judges in Peter Comestor’s Historia Scholastica, as part of the ongoing Historia Scholastica Project. We are working off of the foundation left behind by the prior Latin cohort of 2014-2016, and to date have translated an additional 307 lines. Our main research effort was geared toward testing the accuracy of the geographic data in the Historia Scholastica through scholarship review. These efforts will allow future scholars to understand Comestor’s view of the Medieval world.

As a part of our geographic research, we have created an interactive digital map, with all locations marked and their textual references noted. This map is included in the HSP Judges eBook, which contains the current transcription and translation accompanied by our comparative notes on the variations between the Patrelogia Latina 198 and Lugdensis copies of the Historia Scholastica.

This project incorporated online collaboration methods, which were tested over the summer of 2017. This collaboration was accomplished through the voice-chat system Discord.

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