The Fear of Public Breastfeeding: A Cultural, Not Moral, Issue

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences



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Kim Carter-Cram


In the face of larger feminist battles currently taking place in America, such as questions of abortion and pay gaps, public breastfeeding is a relatively overlooked issue. American women often face ignorance, prejudice, double standards and other social obstacles for publicly breastfeeding their children. Our team has gathered together to explore this issue, raise awareness about public breastfeeding – which falls largely within a cultural and not a moral context – and to lessen the stigma against breastfeeding mothers.

We have chosen to address this issue to the public in the form of a video documentary. Our targeted audience will be based on multiple groups of people. Our general audience consists of those who may not recognize this rather invisible issue. We also intend to address mothers who are currently breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed in the future, and hope to inspire solidarity between those mothers and general society. Additionally, we will attempt to reach out to those who oppose public breastfeeding and broaden their perspectives on this issue.

Our video documentary will feature interviews from mothers who have experienced negative criticism about public breastfeeding, as well as opinion polls collected from average Boise citizens. We will conduct research and surveys to gather information which we’ll share in the documentary. We’ll conclude the documentary by sharing ways that people can help make American public life a more understanding and accessible place for breastfeeding mothers.

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