The Impact of Women in Politics

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences



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Kim Carter-Cram


It is our theory that, when prompted, people will be able to name politicians that are male as opposed to politicians that are female. We want to find out what makes politicians more memorable, what gives them their edge over the other candidate. Alongside this, we want to find out why people vote. What are their motivations? What issues are sure to send them to the voting booth? We want to shed light on the percentage of women voters versus men voters, and why men are more likely to vote than women.

In order for us to do this, and to be as accurate in our assessment as possible, we are creating a survey to be given at Boise State’s campus. We are creating the survey to be short, and open-ended. We want to give the opportunity for the survey-taker to give their own feedback without having to be prompted. Once we have compiled enough surveys, we will then group each of the questions. This information should give us enough data to analyze and determine if our theory is correct. With our data compiled and analyzed, we will create a slideshow and visuals to show our audience our findings.

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