Sexual Assault and Boise State University

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences



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Kim Carter-Cram


The primary goal of this project is to further identify how sexual assault is impact Boise State University students, as well better distribute information about resources for survivors to take advantage of. This topic deserves closer observation and review due to the recent controversies surrounding university under-reporting of sexual assault, especially those including LGBTQ+ members. Also, there is currently not a similar resource for Boise State University students to take advantage of without doing supplemental research in inquiring from multiple on-campus departments and the Boise Police Department. These goals will be established through collecting data on Boise State University sexual assault, creating an informative and resource-centered functional website, and advertising this website. In order to achieve these goals we will work with various on-campus resources to compile their statistics on sexual assault on-campus to better identify this issue on campus. Based on the lack of ease in finding information surrounding these topics on Boise State University's campus this resource is needed in order to properly illustrate and prevent sexual assault on-campus.

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