Defining Consent on Campus

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences



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Kim Carter-Cram


In this project, we hope to bring awareness to the topic of consent, meaning freely given consent by any person for sexual activity, to the members of the Boise State University community. As women, it’s incredibly important for us to bring light to this, especially considering recent events (Harvey Weinstein, Brock Turner, #MeToo, Larry Nassar, etc.).

Arguably, the most pressing element of consent is that so many young people aren’t educated on what it actually is-- or they need a reminder. We hope to produce a short pamphlet that will briefly explain this, as well as provide resources available to those involved with the Boise State community.

A variety of methods will be used in conducting research, obtaining data, and investigating the topic. We will be conducting interviews, reading articles, and looking at existing statistics regarding this topic. We will be doing research through online sources, published books, and scholarly articles. For the more open-ended questions and qualitative data, we will be conducting local interviews (online or in-person) to gain the perspectives of those from the Boise State community.

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