The Use of Survey 123 to Improve Field Data Collection for IDARNG

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences



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Nancy Glenn


In-situ data are the cornerstone of ecological scientific research. Ecological data collected in the field are used to analyze, identify, and validate research. Given the importance of the data, special care must be taken to ensure complete and accurate measurements. The necessary attention to detail makes field data collection very time consuming. In addition, field data can consist of separate components including paper forms, GPS, and images. Survey 123, a field data collection software developed by ESRI, offers a unique way to collect complete and detailed field data with customizeable forms, spatial information and photographs. Further, field data is uploaded and stored online, allowing multiple users to contribute to a project. For this study I consolidated 14 surveys for the Idaho Army National Guard (IDARNG) Environmental Division into one master survey. My work will improve the organization and efficiency of field data collection techniques for IDARNG.

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