Food Insecurity in Adults and Children with Cystic Fibrosis: A Secondary Analysis and Translational Research Project

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Student Presentation

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Community and Environmental Health

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Sarah Toevs


The goal of this secondary analysis is to expand the review of the literature and re-examine findings of an observational study conducted by clinicians from the St Luke’s Health System (SLHS) Cystic Fibrosis Center of Idaho (CFCI). The purpose of this project will be to translate the findings from this clinical study for use in the development of assessment and communication change strategies. This will include identification of: 1) patient-centered assessment strategies used to address food insecurity among other medically compromised populations, 2) public information messages to increase awareness and support, and 3) opportunities to advocate for policy and system change. The study conducted by CFCI was comprised of adults and children with CF. All participants completed a one-time questionnaire asking demographic and specific questions related to food access. Clinical measures of body mass index (BMI) and pulmonary function were also collected. Findings revealed that food insecurity rates among CF patients were significantly higher than those of the general population. No correlation between self-reported food insecurity and BMI or pulmonary function were found. These results provide insight into challenges faced by individuals with complex medical conditions and provide evidence to inform a translational research project.

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