Potential Commercial Kitchens for Permanent Boise Farmers Market Location

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Student Presentation

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College of Business and Economics



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Samia Islam


The Boise Farmers’ Market (BFM) has been a unique attraction in Downtown Boise for many years now. It not only acts as a catalyst for social connection, but it has deep ties with local businesses. Even though the market is a significant part of the downtown Boise communities identity, BFM does not yet have a permanent location, and the Board is currently in the research phase of planning such a site. In their preliminary research, BFM has identified available features in similar permanent markets around the country. One amenity provided by many farmers markets are on-site commercial kitchens for vendor use. This is a substantial budget allocation and, therefore, the Board members at BFM have requested information regarding existing commercial kitchens in the valley (Canyon and Ada county), including, cost of operations, hours, available equipment, and licensing procedures. Our research will seek to identify three other farmers markets with commercial kitchen operations, to provide the BFM a basis for comparison. A GIS map of available kitchens within BFM’s desired boundaries will be provided and will contain spatially referenced results of market location preferences from a survey of BFM vendors. Our analysis will summarize the locational desirability of existing local area kitchens, accessibility of each space, rental/ownership rates, complementary equipment availability, additional equipment requirements, as well as potential / perceived benefits and obstacles associated with using each existing space. This research can help BFM determine the need for providing an on-site commercial kitchen access for their vendors.

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