GIS Visual Representation: Commercial Property Ownership in Downtown Boise/ SE Garden City

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Student Presentation

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College of Business and Economics



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Samia Islam


The city of Boise offers several seasonal amenities, such as the Boise Farmers Market (BFM), that would benefit the community if offered all year. Our research identifies suitable locations based on criteria provided by the BFM stakeholders. We use spatial statistics to isolate prospective sites within the desired boundaries and given typical constraints, such as the number of available commercially zoned sites. The boundaries for the Boise area are defined as north of the Boise Bench, south of State Street, west of the Broadway Armory and east of Whitewater Way. The boundaries for South East Garden City are defined as south of 38th Street and west of the Boise boundary. The unique qualities of the Boise Farmers Market require an additional consideration -- contending sites must provide 40,000 minimum square feet (10,000 for indoor operations and 30,000 for outdoor operations). Our analysis will determine potential sites through matching site-specific locational and physical characteristics (e.g., square footage, location of utilities, access to public transportation, and travel distances for the commercial areas situated in Downtown Boise and South East Garden City) to the needs of the clientele of BFM. Specifically, the project will provide an analysis of the accessibility of potential properties by different modes of transportation. Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis, our research aims to simplify the selection process of finding a suitable site for the future permanent location of the Boise Farmers Market.

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