Development of a Phase-Controlled Magnetron Using Gate Field Emission Arrays

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Student Presentation

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Jim Browning and Don Plumlee


Gated Field Emission Arrays (GFEAs) emit electrons when a sufficient threshold voltage is reached. One application of GFEAs is the synchronization of multiple magnetrons to achieve a higher total power output through phase-locking. An experimental setup using GFEAs attempted to achieve an electron emission similar to that in a commercial cooker magnetron. A testing process has been developed to characterize GFEA die to determine whether each die is viable. A phosphor screen was used in a test chamber to study emission current density and uniformity of the GFEAs. Both emission current and leakage current were measured for I-V characterization of the die. Future work will be focused on assembling a cathode with 30 GFEAs to demonstrate the phase-locking of a magnetron.


This work is supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under award #FA9550-16-1-0083

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