Macedonia Landfill

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Student Presentation

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Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal and Robert Hamilton


Macedonia has been working towards meeting the requirements to receive admittance to the European Union (EU). Part of this requirement is for Macedonia to manage solid waste in a manner that is safer for the environment and meets EU standards. This report looks at an alternative method for the disposal of solid waste in Macedonia and provides technical direction for municipalities that may be interested in constructing a proper landfill. The landfill will be free to the public, and suitable for small or large communities. It is the hope that these modest landfills will provide a turning point for which Macedonia will begin to change the public’s perception and behavior regarding their handling of solid waste and put them on a path that is more responsible and sustainable.

This landfill is designed to capsulate waste and to minimize the movement of water through the various layers, which creates leachate. To do this requires several design considerations that protect the landfill from failure and prevents contamination of groundwater. Such design considerations include slope stability of the waste heaps and native soils, semi-impermeable layering system, leachate collection and treatment system, ventilation and gas collection, run-on and run-off controls and groundwater monitoring. The design also includes additional features that bring functionality and convenience to the use of the landfill. These features include access roads, sorting area and an equipment storage structure. This design is a solution that not only can change the way Macedonians manage but also change the way they perceive and dispose of their solid waste.

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