Gary/Glenwood/State Intersection Project

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal


C2° Engineering is redesigning the State St, Gary, and Glenwood intersection. The intersection was found to be inadequate for future traffic volumes by 2040. To better accommodate future traffic, four alternative intersection designs were analyzed to determine which would best suit future traffic volumes. The intersections design options examined were as follows: a no build, an expanded seven-lane intersection, a median U-turn, and a displaced left turn. Software programs PTV Vistro, Vissim, and HCS7 in conjunction with other analysis methods were used to compare the alternative intersection designs. After review, the intersection chosen was a displaced left turn. This would displace the westbound left turn lane on both State St and Glenwood, allowing through and left-turning traffic to move at the same time. All left turns from Gary and westbound State St would be restricted to use Saxton St instead. The pre-existing drainage and stormwater structures were also analyzed and upgraded to account for the change in traffic design. The new intersection design will accommodate future traffic, local businesses, transit systems, pedestrians, and cyclists.

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