Fresh Air Manufacturing Company Shipping Dock Expansion and Site Optimization

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal


The Ascension Group has created a solution to maximize the usable space of Fresh Air Manufacturing Company (FAMCO). Over the past 3 years, FAMCO has experienced 20% growth per year in sales, and expect that they will continue to grow at this rate. As a result, their current shipping facility is not adequate to keep up with the increased demand. In addition, as the company expands, there has been an issue with a lack of parking on site. Space is limited, due to the property layout and proximity to other buildings and the road. Ascension Group has reduced these limitations by providing consultative services that have addressed new loading docks, parking, and access solutions. FAMCO has requested several designs so that they may get an estimate for the project cost, in order to determine the benefits of the renovations. Ascension Group used field-based methods and computational analysis to complete several designs that maximize shipping and receiving capabilities while also increasing on-site parking for employees. Solutions will be presented in the form of a poster.

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