State Highway 44 Canyon Canal Bridge Project

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal


The Canyon Canal bridge is located on State Highway 44 in Middleton, Idaho between N. Dewey and N. Paradise Avenues. The bridge carries an Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) of 10,000 vehicles per day. It has been established that the bridge is structurally deficient for the current code standards and must be replaced to accommodate the area’s projected annual traffic growth rate of 3.4%. The project must remain within the current operational right-of-way and the current roadway width must be maintained. Multiple engineering disciplines such as structural, transportation, geotechnical and environmental engineering have been taken into account for the project. Moreover, project limits set by local and state agencies have also been taken into consideration during the design of the project. As outcomes, the Upright Engineers team has come up with final plans for a new structure to replace the current bridge and a new pavement section to meet future traffic demand in the area. The replacement structure that has been designed is a 9.3 foot-wide, four-sided box culvert with retaining walls at both openings to assist steady canal flow. Also, final roadway design has been done for a 100-foot approach to the bridge from each direction.

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