Cole Road & Lake Hazel Road Intersection Design

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal


The current T-shaped intersection of Cole Road and Lake Hazel Road needs to be updated. A poster, entitled “Cole Road and Lake Hazel Road Intersection Design” will be submitted. Lake Hazel Road will soon be extended eastward, and a new intersection needs to be designed to accommodate the future traffic growth. After running projected 2030 traffic models using PTV Vistro software, it has been determined that a Median U-turn intersection is the best fit for future traffic patterns. The expected traffic volume along Lake Hazel Road and Cole Road will increase significantly. The elevation of the road will be raised 16 feet from the current level to vertically align with the north and east sides, where a future bridge will cross the New York Canal. The top layer of the intersection will be made of concrete. Special attention will be made to retain water runoff in planters and plant native vegetation. A public involvement campaign will be initiated months before the project begins. The median U-Turn intersection will allow for future traffic demands beyond 2040.

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