5th/Fort/Hays Intersection Project

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal


The 5th-Fort-Hays intersection in Boise, Idaho is a five-way intersection in need of a redesign. The intersection is located in the developed, north end of Boise near the Veterans Affairs Hospital and Federal Building. The location posed a problem when considering intersection design options. Acquiring construction permitting for the redesign is complicated when having to work with the federal government, therefore design options that minimize the impact to federal land were prioritized. The intersection design option that has been chosen is to turn Hays Street into a dead-end at the entrance to the intersection. Hays Street between 6th and the intersection will be turned into a two-way residential only street with parking on both sides. At the entrance to the intersection, where the dead end starts, there will be a pedestrian walk way. A bike lane will also be added to the intersection along Fort Street. Traffic counts for the signalized intersections were obtained from Ada County Highway District. Traffic counts for the unsignalized intersections were done by Exotic Engineering. The information was evaluated and modeled to determine the traffic flows for different intersections and then the best option was chosen based on traffic flow, surrounding conditions and cost.

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