Konsko River Remediation

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Student Presentation

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Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal


The Konsko River, located in Southern Macedonia, experiences varied flow throughout the year due to snow packs in the local mountains, a relatively flat grade, and highly permeable soils. During times of low or absent flow, the river is used as a wild landfill and for gravel mining by the neighboring town of Gevgelija and is accessed via informal roads which are also used to cross the river. The river can occasionally experience high flows from heavy rains and snow melt that hasten erosion and cause safety concerns. Lynx Engineering designed viable solutions that are cost effective, yet efficient, for the developing nation.

The five components of this project included: cleaning up the river segment, creating a landfill, allowing for continued gravel extraction, controlling erosion along the banks of the river, and designing another means by which to cross the river. Lynx Engineering designed a compound channel to account for varying flows and an earthen crossing utilizing culverts to address the problems facing this segment of the Konsko River. Implementing these components will improve the river’s status in terms of quality and appearance and provide a template for future remediation projects in the country.

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