I-15 Rose Road Interchange

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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Mandar Khanal


The purpose of the I-15 Rose Road Interchange Project was to maintain a safe and efficient transportation route across I-15. The existing bridge is nearing the end of service life and is functionally obsolete. The project required the on/off ramp pattern and length to be updated, a culvert redesigned, and a new overpass bridge designed. The team broke the design work into several sections: structural, geotechnical, transportation, and environmental. Structural design required that the bridge be extended to span 282 ft., widened to 60 ft., and vertical clearance increased to 17.6 ft., while also decreasing the footprint so that future changes may be made to the freeway traffic pattern below the bridge. Geotechnical work involved the design of retaining walls and foundations for the abutments, piers, and culvert. Transportation was responsible for ramp acceleration and deceleration lengths and updating of the layout from semi-cloverleaf to a narrow diamond formation. A short environmental analysis was done to limit the impact on the area due to construction and consider several alternatives for land/hardscaping and fire prevention.

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