Does Candidate Party Affiliation in a Senate Race Affect the Candidate's Fundraising Ability?

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Student Presentation

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Political Science

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Lori Hausegger


This study looks into the influencing factors of Senate fundraising. Specifically, this study looks at the research question: Does party affiliation in a Senate race affect the candidate’s fundraising ability? The dependent variable is fundraised amount by the candidate. There are 104 observations. To be included, the candidate had to receive 20% of the vote in their state. The independent variables are candidate party affiliation, dominant state party, gender and incumbency. This study controls for the following important outside factors: presidential election year, contested races, matching candidate and state parties, if the candidate was a winner or a challenger and the cash on hand a candidate had. The study is a linear regression based study. With linear regression, it was found that this study provides inconclusive results and requires further analysis to draw conclusion(s). Other research suggests there are results in this type of study. This issue is due to the lack of data provided due to a lack of time to collect it (there are only 104 observations). More data would provide more conclusive results.

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