Arduino Weather Monitoring Station

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Student Presentation

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School of Public Service


Environmental Studies

Faculty Sponsor

Beau Hansen, Andrew Giacomazzi, and Pam Aishlin


This research project’s main goal is to successfully produce an Arduino weather monitoring station that collects accurate data in comparison to the weather monitoring stations on Boise State University’s campus. To do this, it was first necessary to research the best parts needed to build an effective weather monitoring station. After receiving these parts, one of the most time-consuming portions of this project was correctly coding and setting up the wiring for the Arduino weather monitoring station. Lastly, it is extremely important that this weather monitoring station is producing the correct data. To ensure this the real time clock was tested taking the exact time, and the temperature sensor was tested against other sensors. The Arduino weather monitoring station is providing correct data values for the real time clock and the temperature sensor, and it is anticipated that in the future other students will take our progress in order to create a curriculum to teach high school students how to make their own weather monitoring stations. This is an important step in order to educate future students in integrated STEM skills by using the Arduino technology, which is an especially low-cost environmental monitoring solution.

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