Boise Open Space - Stack Rock Reserve Recreational Trail Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment

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Student Presentation

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School of Public Service


Environmental Studies

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Beau Hansen


The Boise Open Space initiative has been greatly successful in protecting and reserving land in the Boise foothills using funding from voter-approved tax levies while encouraging recreational uses. In support of this open space initiative, an area in need of recreational improvement was identified near Stack Rock Reserve. The current access off Bogus Basin Road, approximately 14 miles north of downtown Boise, has temporary and revocable public access over private property which is preventing the US Forest Service from possibly implementing a formal trailhead.

A feasibility study identifies 3 alternative solutions for providing improved connectivity and access: 1) Acquisition of 2 private land parcels, 2) Acquisition of permanent easement, 3) Relocation of trail connection to US Forest Service lands.

To evaluate the 3 alternatives, qualitative data was collected during site visits, local natural resource specialists and appraisers were interviewed, and research was conducted on the Boise Foothills Interagency Plan, Forest Service Boise Front Management Plan, and Ridge to Rivers 10-year Plan. The environmental assessment for the relocation alternative was modeled after the Federal NEPA guidelines for Environmental Assessment reports which include consideration of biological resources, endangered species, water quality, socioeconomics, cultural and historical impacts, and land use and recreation impacts. The results of the feasibility study compared the financial and environmental considerations for the 3 alternatives and gave recommendations for the preferred solution.

Based on the feasibility results, environmental assessment, and the recommendation of the City’s Trail Manager, the relocation of the trail to Forest Service lands should be the proposed solution to securing permanent access and be submitted for funding consideration through the Boise Open Space program.

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