Building an Arduino Weather Station

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Student Presentation

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School of Public Service


Environmental studies

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Beau Hansen


Building a portable weather station has many uses and is very functional. It can provide more accurate weather readings from your own house, as well as remote areas around the world. For my research project, I set out to build a portable weather station from scratch using an Arduino computer. My research statement was can we build a weather station and successfully code the sensors to accurately record and gather data? My goals are to record temperature and humidity accurately and to successfully be able to build a fully functional weather station. Temperature and humidity sensors were connected to the Arduino and the device was programmed to log weather data. Preliminary results indicate that the sensors are functioning properly, and that data recorded by the device is in close agreement with results from more sophisticated and expensive weather monitoring stations. Next steps are to take the device into the field to map spatial differences in temperature and humidity within the Boise area. Long term it is hoped that the constructed device could prove to be a cheap means of monitoring weather phenomena in remote areas, and for conducting weather experiments close to home.

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