The Debtor Class: A 'Missing Element' in Understanding Higher Education and Income Inequality

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Student Presentation

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Arthur Scarritt


Over the past thirty years, despite rapidly inflating tuition costs, students have been flocking to universities in the hopes of securing middle-upper class status. While some achieve that status, others do not, and sink deep into the quicksand of student debt. Why is it not everybody with a degree ‘makes it’? Higher education is often referred to as this ‘great equalizer’ in conversations about income inequality, however, I posit that it has become a large part of what maintains income inequality. To investigate this, a team of student researchers, including myself, critically interviewed Boise State students about their experience as a student. Traditionally, research in income inequality takes a macro-perspective. While macro-perspectives have given explanations as to how our education system works the way it does now, there are few explanations as to why it continues to operate like a business. Our investigation takes the perspective of students, and adds valuable micro-level insight to the research on this topic.

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