Radio Dim/Gamma-Ray Bright Active Galactic Nuclei

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Daryl Macomb


Inside virtually every large galaxy lies a supermassive black hole, known as active galactic nuclei. An especially interesting subclass of active galactic nuclei are those that emit high energy radiation. Certain sources that are part of this subclass have been detected by high energy telescopes but are undetectable by radio telescopes. To make better sense of this irregular trait, we have been searching for X-rays emitted from these same sources by looking for detections in hard and soft X-ray energy levels. The current emphasis is searching for detections of the sources in the hard X-ray energy band. The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and the Swift satellite have provided the necessary data for analysis. Aboard Swift is the Burst Alert Telescope(BAT), which provides the location of high energy bursts as well as a survey of hard X-ray data. We hope that this research will help constrain comprehensive characteristics and allow comparison with other subclasses of active galactic nuclei.

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