Ultraviolet Raman Spectroscopy of Epitaxial ScFeO3 Films

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Student Presentation

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Dmitri Tenne


Scandium ferrite, ScFeO3 is a recently discovered multiferroic, i.e. a material that exhibits coexisting ferroelectric and magnetic ordering. ScFeO3 films grown by molecular-beam epitaxy on (0001) Al2O3 substrates have been studied by variable temperature ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy. ScFeO3 spectra at room temperature are consistent with the polar hexagonal P63cm structure. The temperature evolution of the Raman spectra of a ScFeO3 film measured in the range 10–1300 K indicate a transition to a non-polar (likely P63/mmc) phase; fitting of the temperature dependence of the Raman intensities yields a transition temperature of 950±50 K. Temperature evolution of Raman spectra indicates that there may be another structural transition at higher temperatures, around 1300 K. Raman spectroscopy data are consistent with other characterization data (x-ray diffraction, second harmonic generation) obtained by our collaborators.

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