Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Boise State University : Increasing Bicycle Use in the Treasure Valley

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Lisa Brady and Dr. Christopher Hill


The objective of our project is to aid in reducing Boise State’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of cars on the road and their associated carbon emissions. To achieve this goal we are researching and developing strategies that could increase bicycle use on the Boise State campus and in the Treasure Valley. We are proposing the implementation of a few programs that will increase bicycle use including; a bike sharing program (bike library), reorganizing bike pathways, and increasing public education. The organization of our research is divided into five general topics: public opinion, funding issues, infrastructure issues, staffing for the bike library, and public outreach. This project is a capstone for the Environmental Studies seniors, in which students from various academic backgrounds have conglomerated to construct a real life proposal demonstrating teamwork towards a rewarding goal. The purpose of this project is process-oriented integration of student cooperation and a base of knowledge obtained through course work at Boise State.