Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Ideas on the Definition of Binge Drinking and Its Prevalence Among Students

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Eric Landrum


Binge drinking is a widespread problem among many groups. The aim of this study was to look at differences among gender and Greek and athlete members versus non-members. Another aim was to see if those who drink more in one session define binge drinking in larger amounts, as well as consider themselves to be binge drinkers. Ninety-one students, from the general psychology classes, were surveyed and results showed that there were no significant differences among gender and Greek and athlete members versus non-members. Also found was those who drank more defined binge drinking in larger amounts and also were more likely to consider themselves to be binge drinkers, whereas those who drank less defined binge drinking in smaller amounts and were less likely to consider themselves binge drinkers. Though binge drinking is seen as a problem on many campuses, it does not appear to be a problem on the Boise State campus among any of the groups studied. This study showed that 71.7% of the students surveyed did not even meet the criteria for binge drinking. With this said, one aspect of this research brought up the question of a universal definition of binge drinking which may provide a better analysis of research done on binge drinking. Doing this may provide more comparable and reliable research for in the future. And this, in turn, may help researchers get a better grasp on the problem of binge drinking, especially among college campuses.