Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


The Effects of Addiction Awareness and Personal Behavior

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Eric Landrum


The present research examined the significance that addiction awareness has on personal behaviors in college students. Students (N = 91) received a survey, answering questions on their personal addictive behaviors and their own knowledge of family history with addictions. The results indicated that college students do not participate in risky behavior to alleviate stress and most students are aware of their own personal limits, which are correlated to their knowledge of family history and verbal communication about addictions. This suggests that there is importance in discussing history of addictions and being aware of your personality traits that may cause a long life filled with addictions. The importance of these factors is discussed and the negative consequences if the subject of addictions is avoided. The present research contradicts previous research done, as there seems to be a problem with avoidance and further growing addiction problems. Historically, research has been done to indicate that college students have a reckless mannerism and that the decisions they make can become habitual and have an impact on their later lives.