Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Motor Scooter Legislation: Is it Adequate at Protecting Idaho’s Roadways for all Users?

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Elizabeth Fredericksen


This proposal considers the growing use of motor scooters as a means for transportation in Idaho. Verbal reports from law enforcement officers around Southern Idaho indicate a rise in usage and accidents involving scooters. This may be due to several factors including lack of training, experience and licensing. This issue requires research to analyze whether there is a correlation between the increase of accidents involving motor scooters, an increase of the population using motor scooters and a lack of experience, training or appropriate driving endorsements. According to laws and statutes in Idaho, drivers must must have an “M” endorsement on their driver’s license to operate a scooter/motorcycle on public roadways if said vehicle is over 50cc’s. This research also necessitates examining Idaho’s laws and statutes to evaluate if motor scooters need to be differentiated as a subgroup from motorcycles or if Idaho would be better served by breaking motor scooter and motorcycles apart by cc’s and maximum load capacities. This research will also consider accident or traffic stop frequency associated with people who do not have the appropriate endorsement, insurance and are following current statutes. Findings from this project will be used to develop a grant application intended to support law enforcement agencies in efforts to enforce the laws requiring the appropriate endorsement for motor scooter users, adequate levels of insurance, and training.