Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Using Patients to Guide Care: Continuing Results of a Patient Satisfaction Survey


This study examined patient satisfaction at St. Benedict’s Family Medical Center (SBFMC), comprised of one hospital and three clinics. SBFMC staff administered a patient satisfaction survey from December 2005 – August 2006, and again from October 2006 – August 2007. Every patient was asked to complete the 18-question survey regarding his/ her current visit. Satisfaction questions utilized a Likert scale, with a range from 1 (Not at all satisfied) to 6 (Highly satisfied). Out of 673 completed surveys from December 2005 – August 2006, SBFMC scored a mean satisfaction rating of 5.48, and out of the 228 completed surveys from October 2006 – August 2007, SBFMC scored a mean satisfaction rating of 5.27, an overall drop in score of -0.21 (p<.05). Between the two survey periods, patients reported an overall drop in two items, “The staff treated me with dignity and respect” (5.57 – 5.42 [p = .05]) and “My friends and family could talk with my doctor” (5.43 – 5.29 [p<.05]). Data were also examined to evaluate patient satisfaction by location of service and the type of service received, but these results were statistically insignificant. Data were also collected regarding reason for going to SBFMC, whether it was the patient’s first visit, and date of visit. Results of this study will assist SBFMC in better understanding their current patient satisfaction and will provide information regarding which areas are producing high satisfaction among users and which have room for improvement.


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Lee Hannah, DVM, MS, MPH