Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


The Normie User Guide


I am interested in the phenomenon of negotiating communication between individuals with addictive and non-addictive personalities. A communication standpoint provides a necessary social filter that illuminates how to navigate through and negotiate these difficult relationships. The addict socially represents himself or herself in specific and knowable ways; more importantly, their behavior serves as a social barometer by which they are recognized as addicts. In this paper, however, my focus is not on the addict but rather on those affected by the behaviors of addicts. I created a user guide for “Normies” (a colloquial term used among AA members as an individual who does not suffer from addiction). My intention is to offer the Normie reader a greater tolerance for her or his situation with the addict. It does not necessarily provide solutions, but rather is a starting point for a plethora of communicative directions Normies may choose from. Interviews, communication research, and personal experience resulted in this user guide for non-addictive individuals seeking to better their communication with the addicts in their lives.


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Laurel Traynowicz