Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Solar Thermal Test Stand Apparatus

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Paul Dawson


Heating of water for domestic use is often the largest single point of energy consumption in modern homes. By augmenting conventional water heating systems with a solar thermal heat system, the consumption of conventional fuels is reduced. This saves the customer money over time and reduces the use of non-renewable resources. Solar energy is free and renewable. It makes sense to utilize solar energy for these reasons. The collector panel is the component that absorbs solar thermal energy and transfers it to a working fluid. The performance of the collector panel is an important factor in the overall solar system design and is worthy of analyzing and comparing. The purpose of the Solar Thermal Test Stand design project is to design and build a modular solar collector panel test stand to be used by the engineering students and faculty at Boise State University. Energy conservation and the study of renewable energy are more important now than ever before. The Solar Thermal Test Stand will deliver a number of benefits to Boise State. First, it will serve to engage Boise State engineering students in the study of renewable solar energy. Second, it will allow students to get involved in a hands-on way with solar energy systems. Finally, the solar energy laboratory will provide an opportunity for the students and faculty at Boise State University to engage with those involved in the solar thermal industry. This could lead to other opportunities for growth at Boise State in this area of research.