Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Utilizing a Fluidized Bed and Co-Fire Technique to Apply Glass Passivation Coating to Thermistors

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Sean Donovan


Quality Thermistor Incorporated (QTI) is an industry leader in the design and fabrication of high quality surface mount thermistors. Thermistors are solidstate electronic devices that detect changes in temperature. These devices have a broad field of use ranging from aerospace applications to consumer electronics. Current thermistor manufacturing involves a labor-intensive glass passivation coating process, which is a bottleneck to the thermistor throughput. In an effort to increase manufacturing efficiency, a coupled process involving a fluidized bed and co-fire termination process is being developed by a Senior Project Team. Optimization of the fluidized bed and co-fire processes were investigated using a design of experiments (DOE) approach. The DOE was used to evaluate the main factor effects of the binder, glass frit, and temperatures associated with the process. Through the use of various characterization techniques including optical and scanning electron microscopy, as well as melting point studies, the effectiveness of the newly implemented passivation coating was evaluated.