Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Wind Farm SCADA Integration

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Said Ahmed-Zaid


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) have been adopted as a solution to deliver reliable energy from renewable sources with realtime management and monitoring without constant on-site supervision from personnel. SCADA systems provide power system automation of data collection, data logging, alarm monitoring and system control, while maintaining the ability of human control through networked equipment. We will provide a SCADA solution comprising of the design and testing of an integrated network. The network will continually monitor and provide control to off-site networks for all aspects of a wind farm comprised of fifty-six wind turbines that supply eighty-one megawatts of clean renewable energy to a utility power grid. Research of the best available modern microprocessor-based system components has been performed and specification of desired equipment has been submitted. Through research and analysis of donated industry equipment we will complete all configurations of the necessary components. The configuration of these components will be performed to allow automation of monitoring and data logging. Human control will be provided through a Human- Machine Interface (HMI), an interactive computer application that allows a human operator real-time monitoring and control. Once the configuration of the components is complete we will build the network and design testing procedures to ensure all applications perform as described. At the completion of all testing we will construct a procedural document providing complete step-by-step installation and field testing that will be used in commissioning the SCADA system in a field application.